It´s good to have dreams.

The beginning of an uncompromising pursuit of your goals on the basketball court

What is „Little Rookie“? It is the playground where we turn dreams into reality.

Little Rookie is the beginning of an uncompromising journey in the pursuit of your goals on the Basketball Court.

When I was 6, doctors told me I had scoliosis and flat feet. I was told that I could never play or compete in sports. At that time I ran track barefooted. But my parents continously encouraged me to keep working on my dreams. I did – and at the age of 9 I started experimenting with the game of Basketball.

Almost instantly I fell for this game and my passion for it grew stronger every single day. Soon, my days would be focused almost entirely on this demanding yet beautiful sport.
I started to have dreams of becoming a professional basketball player. My ultimate goal was to play in the NBA and for the German National Team. Yet, I was just a young kid from Berlin city with big dreams. Little did I know I was already living them.

Since this time the Art of Basketball is deeply embedded in me. I always looked at it as this one sacred thing because this game is the expression of myself.

When I first founded the Little Rookie Basketball Skill Development program I had no idea where we were going. Again, I was just a kid with a big dream. Basing my dream on a toolbox full of unforgettable moments, years of skill perfection and the desire to share this knowledge, I had ideas of building a program to give an opportunity to young players. I was unaware, I was living it again.

The aim of this program is to provide a safe haven to young players where they can develop, hone and own their skills.


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